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Supporting Organizations

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Project Literacy Central Okanagan Society, established in 1986, is the only literacy-focused charity in the Central Okanagan. Project Literacy provides literacy support for adults, refugees, immigrant families, children, and seniors. Over the past 38 years, they have helped thousands of people from Central Okanagan enhance their literacy skills and quality of life.

As the number of new Canadians, immigrants, and refugees, and seniors living in this region continues to grow, a collaborative effort to support their literacy needs will significantly benefit the economic and social fabric of the Central Okanagan. Project Literacy is one of the founding members of Partners for Literacy and the Regional Literacy Plan.

Okanagan Regional Library Logo

Established in 1936, the Okanagan Regional Library (ORL) serves over 399,000 people across an area covering 59,600 square kilometres through 30 branches. The ORL provides for learning, innovation, creativity and a connected community. Our priority has always been on reading and learning, but technology is changing the way people learn. The library is evolving to reflect that. It is our mission to engage with our community to advance learning and literacy by fostering the joy of reading and learning, helping people to identify and build the skills they need and helping people learn about technology and how to apply it. 

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The Central Okanagan Family Hub, a program of KCR Community Resources is a welcoming one-stop destination offering vital support and services tailored to families. Serving as a second home, it fosters connections among families and facilitates access to community resources. As a low barrier service access point, the HUB ensures inclusivity and ease of participation for all.

Through our collaborative network, we support literacy initiatives by providing a platform for community partners to run programs. These programs include but are not limited to the Language Café, offering English learning opportunities for newcomers, and the IPALS program (Immigrant Parents as Literacy Supporters), which empowers immigrant parents to support literacy development in their families. Additionally, we actively refer families to further child and family resources and opportunities within the community.

Project Literacy
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