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Impact & Need

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To create communities where newcomers, immigrants, families, children, adults, and seniors are supported in the development of their literacy skills.

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To empower communities and individuals through a collaborative literacy strategy.

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Guiding Principals

Meaningful Participation

Respectful Decision-Making

Contributing Resources

Community Engagement

Committee Members

The Regional Literacy Committee consists of members from each Central Okanagan community.


The RLC is a group of community-informed representatives with a diverse understanding of literacy to assist in developing, initiating, and implementing actions to support the Regional Literacy Plan and overall literacy within the Central Okanagan.

Supporting Organizations

Community Literacy Matters For...




Employees need literacy skills to be successful at work and manage the demands of their jobs in a healthy, productive way.

What this looks like...
  • Understanding community-specific health & safety protocols and instructions

  • Finding a family doctor and/or medical practitioners

  • Protecting and understanding ones rights & responsibilities

  • Gaining confidence to start conversations and develop friendships

  • Reducing isolation and expanding personal networks

  • Knowing where to go to find legal support or what to do in proceedings

  •  Understanding cultural safety practices within the school system


Literacy skills can directly impact an individual's ability to participate in daily life. Strong literacy skills create more access to areas that impact an individuals well being including: 

  1. Understanding personal health & safety

  2. Developing meaningful connections, and

  3. Navigating community resources.


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Literacy skills can provide individuals with a wider variety of community engagement opportunities.


Understanding how to locate, communicate, and engage within the community allows individuals to develop personal connections and can strengthen the desire to impact change. 

  • Health and Safety: Understanding community specific-health and safety protocols and instructions can be critical. Examples include: 

    • News and updates during fire season​

    • Knowing the difference between emergency services and their purposes

    • Understanding cultural safety practices within school systems

  • Volunteering: Individuals with vital literacy skills can feel empowered to volunteer and give back to their community. 

  • Civic Involvement: Individuals with higher literacy skills often feel as though they are more able to influence community and political change.


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Digital Spaces

Digital literacy skills are critical to navigating the online world and having knowledgeable access to online news, health and safety alerts, entertainment, and resources. In today's world, being part of digital society reduces isolation and promotes community involvement.

  • Digital Society: Having equitable digital knowledge and access allows individuals to participate more freely in the growing digital community.

  • Accessing Support: Digital literacy can help community members with programs and services — often found and adertised online — and develop social connections.

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Our goal is to support the development of literacy skills across the Okanagan for newcomers, immigrants, families, children, adults, and seniors.
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